Window Care to Increase Performance

Source: Pella | Repost Fadely 2/6/2023 –

Windows are an investment for homeowners. When you purchase new or replacement windows it makes sense that you want them to last as long as possible and perform at their peak, too. Maintaining exceptional window performance isn’t only about the windows you choose. How you care for and maintain your windows after they are installed can play a major part in how your windows perform over time. Read on to discover the best window care and maintenance tips for increasing your windows’ performance and extending their lifespan.

Clean Windows and Frames Regularly

Cleaning windows and their frames may not be your favorite household chore, but if you want to ensure your windows perform at their peak for as long as possible, it is a necessary one. Not only does regular cleaning keep your windows looking their best, it also can help minimize condensation, eliminate dirt and dust buildup, and prevent premature erosion.

Proper Coating Care

For windows that have energy-efficient coatings like Low-E, it’s important to clean with non-abrasive cleaners and inspect the integrity of the coating when you do your annual window inspection. Because Low-E and other coatings are responsible for reflecting UV rays, proper coating care is essential for window performance.

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