Thermal Comfort: Why This Should Matter in Your Next Project

Fadely Home Design Fishers, INSource: Pella | Repost Fadely 1/29/2021 – 

Have you ever worked in an office with an outside facing window and felt the conditions of whatever season was occurring. During the winter months, you may have found yourself wearing extra layers and fidgeting around to stay warm and productive.

Summer months also bring in their own set of problems where occupants find themselves fighting off the need to take a couple of Zzzz’s as the sun’s energy flows through the glass and radiates from the framing system. No matter what the building’s internal temperature is, outside conditions can still throw people for a loop if the building fenestration does not hold up to your region’s climate conditions.

This concept of Thermal comfort refers to a person’s perception of whether an environment is too Hot or Too Cold – think Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears…Too Hot, Too Cold, or Just Right. Thermal Comfort is very much a subjective concept that is not measured by any sort of temperature reading but by individuals reporting about being uncomfortable because of the temperature conditions of the space.

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