The Many Ways You Can Customize Wood Window Frames

Fadely Home Design Fishers, INSource: Pella Branch | Repost Fadely 4/28/2021 –

Here’s a little secret: all Pella windows are custom windows. From the size and shape to the details of the hardware, every one of your choices goes into the factory and a window crafted to your exact specifications comes out.

One of the many benefits of wood windows, in particular, is that they offer more customization opportunities. This provides you with a blank canvas to create the windows you want.

Different Types of Wood Window Frames

First, you must select the canvas. Pella wood windows are available in a variety of wood species, each providing its own unique colors, grain patterns and benefits. Additional wood species are available as custom solutions in Pella® Reserve™ and Architect Series® product lines, but most other wood windows come in one of three different kinds of wood.

Pine Windows

Pine is the standard type of wood on all product lines. While it’s the most economical wood of the three, it’s actually one of the best woods for window frames. Pine is a softwood commonly used in home construction. The softness makes the wood incredibly absorbent for paints and stains.

Pine has a distinct yellow color with frequent dark knots. The grains are straight, looking like long, dark lines throughout the wood. The look of pine lends itself to a casual, rustic style more than woods that feature a more consistent appearance.

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