The 9 Best Heat-Blocking Curtains You Can Use Year-Round

Source: Southern Living | Repost Fadely 9/7/2022 –

Achieving a uniform temperature throughout your entire home is never an easy feat, especially in the summer and winter months. Instead of turning on the air conditioning or cranking up the thermostat, the secret actually lies in your drapery. For many, opting for a set of thermal curtains can help you keep out the cold and heat—all without adding more money to your electric bill.

Designed with layers of heat-blocking fabrics, these innovative drapes successfully insulate your home by acting as a barrier to prevent air from entering or leaving—keeping your room cool or toasty, depending on the season. This technology also allows them to block out light and minimize noise from outside, making them excellent for bedrooms and nurseries. Thermal curtains can also provide an extra layer of protection for your furniture against the sun’s damaging UV rays. Below, discover the best heat-blocking curtains that each have amassed thousands of glowing reviews, and find out how to pick the right ones for your home.

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