Single-Pane Windows Versus Double-Pane Windows

Source: Pella | Repost Fadely 8/10/2022 – 

The main difference between single- and double-pane windows is reflected in their names. Single-pane windows have one glass panel in them, while double-pane windows have two glass layers.

In this blog, our experts at Pella of Nashville explain the significance of windows having one or two glass panes. Here is a closer look at each window pane type and its benefits and challenges.

Single-Pane Windows

Older Nashville homes with their original features might have single-pane windows. Exterior buildings separate from main residences can also have single-pane windows. These have been the standard for so long that property owners may have left the windows as is. They serve the primary purpose of windows, so why change? Here are the pros and cons associated with single-pane windows.

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