How to Warm up a White Kitchen

Fadely Home Design Fishers, INSource: Pella | Repost Fadely 5/11/2022 – 

White kitchens continue to be a popular interior design choice for the brightness they bring to your home. All white kitchens are popular because they act as a neutral base that can be taken in different design directions with a quick change of accent pieces. However, without the right accents, an all white, white and gray, or white and black kitchen can feel a little cold. If you’re struggling to add that touch of warmth, use these all white kitchen ideas to strike the best balance.

Wood Design Accents

The wooden accent trend has been growing over the last few years as people seek to make their homes more relaxing and inviting spaces. Capitalize on this trend by investing in wood decor accents to warm up your kitchen. Hand-carved bowls, artisan cutting boards, wood windows, and raw-wood open shelving add touches of warmth without changing the sleek feel of an all-white kitchen.

Incorporate wood in small amounts for maximum contrast without overpowering. The wood and white trend is popular in rustic, farmhouse, modern, and coastal designs. Keep in mind that while you can always add more accents if needed, taking certain design aspects out of the equation once they are placed (like open shelving) may be more difficult.

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