How To Cleverly Secure Your Home Windows

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It’s a big must to secure your home windows against invaders. Statistics show that a surprising 30% of burglars enter home through an unlocked window or door. 23% burglars enter a property through first floor windows.

For helping you reinforce & burglar-proof your home windows from intruders, we’ve summarized top 7 window security solutions below (nice pictures and videos included!)

If you have other window security tips to make your home windows/doors more secure, you can share with us in the comment and we will include your tips in our “Update Tips”.

1. Top 7 Window Security Solutions — Outsmart the Intruders in Every Way

You may have heard of thousands of best ways to secure your home windows from break-ins. Unfortunately, not all of them work for you.

Now save your time and try the top 7 DIY and useful ways to prevent break-ins through windows for your apartment.

  1. Keep Your Windows Locked
  2. Use Window Bars & Grilles
  3. Install Window Security Cameras
  4. Reinforce Your Window Glass
  5. Use Good-Quality Window Locks
  6. Consider Bright Floodlights
  7. Plant Thorny Bushes

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