Are Large Windows Energy-Efficient?

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If your HVAC system is working overtime from season to season because of your home’s windows, it’s not necessarily because of their size. Contrary to popular belief, large windows can be energy-efficient, as long as they’re made of the right materials and installed well. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to large windows or replace existing ones, here’s everything you need to consider so you can go green and save some, too.

What Causes Large Windows to Be Inefficient?

Large windows get a bad rap because they’re often responsible for wasting energy, increasing its consumption and resulting in higher bills and a bigger carbon footprint. When homes heat up in the summer but double as igloos in the winter, the fault really lies with poor insulation from thin, single glass panes and air leakage from older, incorrectly installed frames. These issues aren’t exclusive to large windows, but because of their size, the effects are certainly intensified.

Considerations for Energy-Efficient Windows

The good news is, there are ways to ensure large windows deliver an improved thermal performance while being kind on your wallet and the environment, and it all comes down to their style, frame material, glass enhancements and installation.

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