The Need to Accent Your Windows

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Have you ever wondered whether your beautiful windows are dressed for success? Do they help accent your homes? Windows big or small, uniquely shaped or positioned, they impart a personality to your homes and influence their beauty from both within and without. They are among the most important architectural features that deeply impact the aesthetic appeal of your homes. So it is only justified that they are afforded special treatment. Leaving them bare or doing little to enhance their presence and beauty would be nothing less than a crime.

There are endless possibilities and countless design ideas that will help transform the look, feel and functionality of the windows and the spaces. You can use windows to enhance the functionality and atmosphere of a room; you can use different window treatments to help them make a statement and so much more. We have compiled a list of stuff you can do to enhance the presence of your windows without burning a hole in your wallet.

5 Ways to Accentuate the Beauty of Your Windows

1) Transform Your Bay Window into a Cozy Alcove

Bay windows make stunning additions to your rooms and infuse the right amount of drama that is needed. By jutting outward, they help create extra space in the room and which you can use to create a personal nook in the house. Add some seating arrangements, throw in some pillows, hang some smart statement lights and you are almost done. Install some stylish window treatments like wooden shutters or drapes which will help to make the bay window area the focal point in the room. If you have a home with a stunning view of the ocean or the mountains, position the bay window in such a way that it brings that view into the room. The large bay windows will help frame the view as a photo frame and further enhance the beauty of the windows and the room. The bay window space can be converted into versatile storage space as well by adding some drawers or cabinets. Use straight neat lines and contemporary d├ęcor rather than curves when it comes to designing the bay windows.

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