Shades, Curtains or Blinds? Choosing the Right Patio Door Treatments

Fadely Home Design Fishers, INSource: Pella | Repost Fadely 8/11/2021 –

Patio door and window treatments serve many purposes. They block the sun to prevent unwanted glares. They help keep your home cooler throughout the summer. They provide privacy and a greater sense of security. And they offer another opportunity to showcase your style.

While your treatment options are largely the same, your considerations are a little different. With patio doors, you have to strike a balance between covering the glass and allowing traffic to flow in and out. Looking at your patio door covering options through that lens will help you choose the right ones for your hinged, folding or sliding doors.

Patio door curtains are the popular choice.

Curtains are easy to install, easy to clean, easy to replace and easy on the eyes — all reasons why patio door curtains are the favored treatment. Even the most novice of DIYers can handle hanging curtains. And once hung, curtains are easy to clean. You can spot-clean stains or, for most fabrics, toss them in the laundry to get the whole panel looking good as new.

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