Preparing For A Summer Storm Checklist

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Don’t let the nice warm weather trick you, summer still comes with its fair share of storms. With downpouring rain and heavy wind, you want to make sure that your home is protected. Today, we will go over a checklist with a few important things to do to prepare for summer storms.

Have an Emergency Disaster Kit

A key part of staying safe in a storm is being prepared. You should keep an emergency disaster kit with things like flashlights, batteries, phone chargers, first aid kits, cash, a food supply, a water supply, and a week’s supply of medicine. You want to be prepared when a storm suddenly occurs or gets worse so that you have time to figure out what is going on and form a long-term plan if necessary. You will also want to have a family meeting so that everyone knows where the emergency supplies are and what their role is in a storm emergency like where to meet. Having these protocols in place is essential for your family so that if a storm does occur, you won’t panic about what to do.

Protect Valuables

While protecting your life and the life of your family is most important, you should still spend time protecting your valuables in case of a bad summer storm. To prepare, you can take inventory of your valuable items. This will help you to know what you have and what you want covered by insurance if damaged by a storm. You can also gather things like important documents and put them in a safe place. You can even consider buying a safe to put them in that is resistant to the wear and tear that storms can cause on your home.

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