How to Install Window Blinds

Source: HGTV | Repost Fadely

Window blinds are the simplest way to add privacy to any room and moderate the amount of light that enters. Learn how to measure for and install window blinds in your home.

Choose Your Blinds

For a similar look to shutters without the high price tag, many renters and homeowners choose window blinds. Blinds cover the window with vertical or horizontal slats, like a shutter’s louvers, and can be fully opened to allow for more light to enter a room. Because blinds are a hard window covering (made from wood, vinyl, fabric or a composite), the slats stack at the top or side of a window when the blinds are opened. The stack may impede some of the view when blinds are opened. Window blinds are still the number one choice for most homeowners and renovators, due to their affordability, versatility and aesthetic.

Depending on your price range, there are a few material options for window blinds. Real wood blinds are more expensive than faux wood and vinyl. Faux wood is more durable than vinyl. Once you’ve picked a material, the next step is choosing how you want your blinds to open. Traditionally, window blinds were opened and closed using a corded pull. Nowadays, for safety and looks, many blinds can be opened and shut without a cord. For an added expense, some blinds can be motorized and operated by remote control.

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