Fall and Winter Color Schemes for Your Home

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Selecting your windows’ material, style and type is important, but so is picking out their color! In addition to the window itself, there are other factors you will want to consider, such as the color scheme of the room the windows are going in and how their color will affect the space’s aesthetic. Let’s look at some typical fall and winter color schemes and learn how Pella windows fit in.

Fall Color Schemes


Meadow colors are the colors and tones you would find in just that: meadows. They include light browns, grays and varying shades of green. These colors together can create a room that feels cozy and sophisticated. You can enhance this aesthetic even more by bringing life into the room with indoor plants and using natural materials throughout the room. For example, you can install Pella wood windows with a natural finish to add browns into your color scheme and bring in a natural element.

A Bright Sky

Choosing light colors can encourage sunlight to enter and fill a room. Blues, greens, whites and browns are good choices for a light, airy feel. Blues resemble the sky and also bring a sense of comfort to the room, and light blue is a great color year-round. Choose a light color, such as light blue, to make smaller spaces and rooms look larger. Pair it with white Pella windows to brighten the room and achieve a fresh, sky-like look. For this color scheme, you will want to avoid darker shades and colors, including grays.

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