Benefits of Installing a Storm Door

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A home’s front porch can define its curb appeal and provide a dedicated space for outdoor design and living. With the front door being the focal point of the porch, we spend plenty of time choosing a style that will really make our house shine – but what about a storm door?

The Pros of a Storm Door

The benefits of a storm door installation are numerous. As a second, outer door, it adds another level of comfort and protection to your home. When bad weather strikes, its glass panels protect your front door and home from damage. And when the weather is nice, screen panels allow for ventilation without letting in bugs.

As you explore your storm door options, consider these other benefits and product options.

More Natural Light

A bright entryway is more inviting, but without a storm door, an entry door must remain shut, blocking natural light. Long foyers are especially susceptible to being dark and dreary. Installing a storm door allows you to leave your front door open, allowing natural light to create a bright and welcoming space.

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