A Guide to Home Window Installation

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Knowing what happens after you purchase your replacement windows is almost as important as the windows you are buying. It can determine when you wish to have replacement windows installed, where to house pets while work is going on, or arranging your schedule to be in or out of your home during the process. Knowing what to expect is usually half the battle so here is a guide to your home window installation process from Pella Windows and Doors of Nashville.

Types of Window Installation

The two types of replacement window installation are pocket installation and full-frame installation.

  • Pocket installation: The sash of the old window is removed, and the new window is placed into the original frame. This is a quicker installation process but limits you to working only with the existing window opening.
  • Full-Frame Installation: This installation method is as it is named. The entire window is taken out and replaced, from the frame to the sash, trim, and insulation. This method requires that the installation process is done inside and outside the home and obviously is going to take more labor and time to complete.

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