31 Stylish Arched Windows Ideas

Fadely Home Design Indianapolis, INSource: WCMA | Repost Fadely 9/11/2020 –

Arches were pretty popular in traditional architecture. So popular that there over thirty variations. But most contractors only recognize a dozen types of arches. And however you use them, they add strength and beauty to your construction project. They’re pretty and practical.

An arch is more stable than a flat surface. The keystone at the center of the arch holds most of the weight. This load is then spread and shared equally down the sides of the arch. So for attics, vaulted ceilings, rounded roofs, or triangular corners, arched windows can be a useful tool.

1. Alternative French Doors

The standard French Door or French window has vertical hinges. They can also have sliders or casements. But if you want floor-to-ceiling glass but you don’t want the hinges, you can opt for arched windows. This home has a row of four, filing up the wall. The top and bottom of the windows are picture panes, but the central section opens outwards, just like regular windows.

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